Bitter Love! Akothee Says Her ‘Mzungu’ Husband Nearly Murdered Her

Singer Akothee has disclosed her Schweizer husband nearly killed her. While sharing on TikTok during a live session with her admirers on social media, the mother of five exclaimed that Omosh intended the worst for her.

She even revealed throughout the program that she divorced Omosh in June when they were still on their honeymoon.

“It’s very good to be loved, I had gone there (to Schweizer) thinking it was, ati greener pastures, it burned me!!.. Ati mzungu wueh!”

“I’ve gone past those romantic connections. They have ceased to exist. I would want to inform you that in June, I ended that connection. I won’t go into depth though. I enjoyed my marriage, I enjoyed my wedding. It’s nothing that I regret. I chose to get married on my birthday in order to avoid having any regrets if things didn’t work out as planned.”

She added. “The white man almost killed me, I will come and explain to you one day.”

Photo/Akothee and Ex-husband Omosh

However, the multimillionaire dubbed president of single mothers, ridiculously told her fans that her ex-husband is still in the market, asking interested applicants to submit papers to get him out of the market.

During her live performances, as has been her norm when interacting with her fan base, the singer also utilized the opportunity to show off her manager Nelly Oaks to her admirers. The two went live and Nelly Oaks could be seen the busy bee working in the kitchen.

As the conversation proceeded, Akothee was heard by Nelly her manager, as “bae” which is the word frequently used by lovebirds to address each other.


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