Sonko’s Favorite Daughter Sandra Overwhelmed as Dad Revamps Her Cars

Mike Sonko’s favorite and youngest daughter by the name Sandra, has been overjoyed as her dad once again, continues to show the world how much she cares for his daughter despite her being abroad in the UK for studies.

Proudly calling herself daddy’s baby, Sandra shared a very short video clip to her Instagram account, a clip that displayed her dad committing to revamping her cars. Also, the royal daughter shared images of her dad pimping her rides here in Kenya, affirming that she has an adhesive attachment between her and her dad.

Meanwhile, the Instagram influencer, identified as Thicky Sandra on Instagram, has been enjoying her life in the UK for months, having joined Brighton International University for further studies back on Wednesday, September 28, 2023.

Without any doubt, the love between her and her dad has been noticeable and any child craving for parental love would easily emulate this duo as their model. While jetting out of Kenya on the 28th of September to begin life in the UK, the youngest daughter of the ex-governor of Nairobi county couldn’t hold her tears back for saying goodbye to her dad seemed a hell to her.

Photo: Mike Sonko’s Daughter Sandra Mbuvi Sonko’s rocking on dress

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