Former Churchill Show Comedian Narrates Disturbed Relationship With Parents

Former Churchill show comedian Mtumishi has revealed his struggles with family issues which led to his mother disowning him. The comedian came clean of the strained relationship he shares with his biological mother for the past two years.

Through a clip which has gone viral, Mtumishi emotionally reminisced the disheartening time when his mother disowned him after his choice in the entertainment industry. This is after she saw him on Churchill show and warned the comedian to never visit her. He further explained his mother’s disbelief after she saw him on television yet she never supported him.To her surprise, Mtumishi didn’t make any effort to reach out or even visit her.

The comedian stated that his mother would rebuke his talent claiming that he was only making noise. His neighbors supported his mother adding that he would turn a mad person if he continued with his tricks. However, the community didn’t understand that he was only showcasing his talent.

“She did not support me at any way. She used to say I was making noise in the house. She was told by neighbors that I would end up a mad person. They did not understand that I was talented. My mother disowned me and I don’t regret not visiting her,” the comedian said.

On the other hand, the funny man’s father joined forces with his mother to deprive the comedian the much-needed support. Despite working at Royal Media Services, he couldn’t provide the young man with audition’s fare. This made it tough for the comedian to manage himself as well as his talent. Mtumishi praised his ex lover who at one point dashed him Sh.5000 which helped him to cope with the situation.

After the funny man hit the media headlines, his father was the first one to reach out to him. However, that didn’t change the fact that he abandoned him when he was in dire need of his support.

“I went out and the funny part is I went back to my ex-lover and she helped me with 5k which I used to buy the jikos for selling smokies. I could not go to my dad because he is already married. I used to meet him on my way to the auditions and he also refused to give me bus fare yet he was working at Royal media. When he saw me on TV, he was the first person to call me,” Mtumishi lamented.


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