Azziad Nasenya Denies Rumours Linking Her Success to ‘Wababa’

Famous TikToker Azziad Nasenya, has once again come clear to address rumors that constantly link her success in life to ‘wababa.’ Telling off the exclusive group who have failed to give credit to what her sweat has paid, Azziad revealed that she feels perturbed by the gossip spreading around.

Speaking to entertainment media personality Mungai Eve, Azziad openly disclosed that she has a potential boyfriend who has always been supportive of her projects and should instead receive all the credits.

“I also have a supportive boyfriend whom I grateful to, I have supportive parents. It feels bad -rumors- at the end of the day because you are human.” She said.

She went further to acknowledge her social circle as well as the brands working with her, for always giving deaf ears to the unconfirmed endless criticisms.

“One thing I’ve been able to appreciate and to be grateful for is working hard. I am grateful I have favor. And you know what really comforts me is that at the end of the day yes I feel bad, it will hurt me that all my efforts is being associated to a certain thing, but the people who matter never listen. My friends, my brands, they do not believe that because they know Azziad they see how hard I work.” She added.

Priding herself with the kind of hard-working woman she is, the radio presenter said she exploits available opportunities around her and their results normally translate to attracting brands interested in working with her.

“Visit Dubai, I got it from an agency in Nigeria, it’s just about packaging venye we hujipush, people are watching. So whatever you do it with all your might, with all the energy push yourself, invest in your self, For you to get money, you have to spend money, The moment you fear investing in yourself, hakuna kitu utapata.” She proudly explained.

In conclusion, Azziad confirmed to her fans that she is now rooting to acting while handling multiple other roles


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