Comedian Vinnie Baite In Mourning

Comedian Vinnie Baite is in mourning after the demise of his father, six years after his mother died.

Via his Instagram, the content creator penned an emotional post as he mourned the death of his dad. The Milele FM presenter revealed that over the past six years, he has been struggling to accept that his mother also succumbed to death. Baite indicated that his father’s demise has also happened as a surprise, as he never thought he would bury his father that soon.

The media personality remarked that this week has been the toughest as he had to lay his father to rest. However, Baite noted that he couldn’t do anything despite his emotions since there is a season for everything and people must adapt and hope for the best in the future.

“6 years ago, I had the toughest period ever when I laid my Mum to Rest. I never thought I would go through that again. But this week, I laid my Dad to Rest. Despite the emotions, I have understood and accepted that there is a season for everything, and we can only Adapt and hope for the Best. May both of them Rest in peace❤️❤️”, Baite wrote.

Credits: Vinnie Baite’s Instagram.

Numerous celebrities, as well as his fans, consoled him during this toughest time. We all wish the comedian peace of mind as he takes his time to accept the inevitable.


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