Shakib Explains How He Lured Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan’s husband Shakib Cham Lutaaya has spilled the beans on the tactics he used to lure the businesswoman.

In his recent interview on Uganda’s UnCut Show, Lutaaya revealed that he had been admiring the Ugandan socialite for long before he decided to open up. He could attend all her Ugandan parties just to set eyes on the beautiful mother of five.

The secret admirer decided to take his desire to the next level and relocated to South Africa in order to make his long term mission possible. Lutaaya traced Zari’s routes and managed to follow her at one time when she was driving to a mall. At this point, he approached the gorgeous babe and introduced himself.

Lutaaya explained that he didn’t stop at introduction but he further made sure they met for the second time. He expressed his feelings to the businesswoman and that became the genesis of their friendship which later turned into a permanent union.

The Ugandan South-African-based businesswoman and her young hubby have been receiving criticism from the public due to their age gap. However, the socialite has always defended her sweetheart from bullies claiming it’s her life and people should mind their business. The lovebirds have continued to express their affection towards each other as well as their kids.


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