Andrew Kibe Wins Social Media Star Of The Year Awards

Controversial content creator and former media personality Andrew Kibe is counting a win after he was declared the Social Media Star of the Year in the South African third annual Show on Social Media awards.

In a video shared by the content creator on his Facebook page, he won the award after flooring fellow content creators such as Shank Comics, Nicolette Mashile and William Last KRM. KRM is among the famous South African/Botswanan comedian and musician who has garnered a massive following on all his social media handles. He has previously been nominated and won several awards including the South African Hip Hop Award and Best International Act award.

However, Kibe didn’t make it to the event and therefore sent Mboya to represent him. He made a glamorous stage entrance and delivered the content creator’s speech.

The nomination of the awards took place in September and it came as a surprise to the media sensation. Reacting to the news, he slammed Kenya for never acknowledging his efforts in content creation. This is because he has never been nominated for or won an award in Kenya as this was his first award.

“In all those years of producing content, this was my first ever nomination, and it had to come from outside Kenya,” Kibe said.

The US-based content creator is known for his controversial contents on his fellow creators and serious matters in the society. This has created a rift between him and his fellows. Kibe creates live sessions on his social media accounts to discuss emerging issues with his fans.

However, he recently suffered a blow after his official YouTube channel was permanently banned over controversial content. The act didn’t hold him back as he has continued to share content with his followers through other social media channels.


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