DCI Seizes Ksh11 Million Bhang in Kisii County Chase

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has recently made an announcement regarding a significant bust in Kisii county. According to their statement, a substantial amount of bhang with an estimated market value of Ksh11 million has been successfully retrieved.

Elaborating on the sequence of events, the DCI mentioned that, based on actionable intelligence, their detectives were on the lookout for a Toyota Prado believed to be ferrying this illegal cargo. The vehicle, laden with suspicious goods, was making its way towards the town of Kilgoris when it caught the attention of the patrolling officers.

In the midst of their operation, these observant detectives identified the white Toyota Prado in question, which appeared to be heavy with an unknown cargo and was driving in the direction of Kilgoris. As a standard procedure, the officers attempted to flag down the vehicle, signaling the driver to pull over to the side of the road for inspection. However, instead of complying with the directive, the driver chose to ignore the officers’ instructions. He accelerated the vehicle, reaching dangerously high speeds in a bid to escape the trailing officers.

As the chase continued, upon reaching the Magena area, the driver suddenly executed a swift U-turn, redirecting his route towards Kanyenye. It became evident to the driver that the detectives were determinedly pursuing him, which led him to take the drastic decision of abandoning his vehicle within the Matembe vicinity. Leaving the Toyota Prado behind, the suspect made a hasty exit from the scene, opting to elude the authorities on foot.

The statement from the DCI goes on to detail the findings from the abandoned vehicle. When additional detectives converged on the scene, a thorough inspection of the vehicle resulted in the recovery of six sacks and a further fifteen bales. These were all found to contain leaves, which after initial assessments, are strongly believed to be Cannabis Sativa, a prohibited substance in many regions.

The confiscated goods, along with the Toyota Prado, were then promptly transported to the police station for safekeeping. A comprehensive examination was carried out, confirming that the haul weighed a whopping 379Kgs. The DCI concluded their statement by emphasizing that both the illicit cargo and the vehicle are now securely held in police custody. Investigations into the matter are underway, and it’s expected that further developments will be communicated in due course.


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