Popular Former Citizen Tv Anchor Reveals Her Addiction To Alcohol

A popular Kenyan news anchor have shared a personal information about herself, revealing her long journey in battling alcohol addiction.

Through her YouTube channel, Janet Mbugua bravely opened up to her fans about how her love for alcohol once consumed her life eating her sobriety.

She further talked of her decision to quit which she prides herself with. She says it took her time to make personal and deliberate choice, avoiding undue pressure, influence and this made it look so easy for her to walk away from the addition.

“I don’t drink, and December will mark two years since I made that choice. It’s a decision I believed was right for me. It’s something I may choose to return to in a year, a decade, or perhaps never.”

She added.

“However, I am not imposing any unrealistic expectations on myself. Making a decision like this can be difficult, but in life, everything can be challenging. It’s about choosing your battles,” Janet stated.

She has also cautioned people against not believing in themselves against some social behaviors

“I’ve lived a life where I can compare what life was like with that decision and life without it. When you’re trying to cultivate discipline, it may not come naturally to everyone.”

Mbugua asked her fans to be persistent with their efforts to overcome different challenges affecting them


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