NTV Lofty Matambo and Co-presenter Fridah Mwaka Address Viral Dating Rumours

Famously followed NTV presenters Lofty Matambo and his partner on air Fridah Mwaka have oftentimes been rumored to be an item , but how true is this?

Responding to these incessant rumors virally spread by their fans following the duo so closely, both Matambo and Fridah had to come clean and explain out to fans in details.

This follows a clip that their fan base got a glimpse, a clip that displayed Lofti and Fridah over the weekend in a launching event of the Le Grand Luo Festival.

Fridah, while addressing the issue, said that their closeness is more of work purposes and less of what their fans take them to be.

She said, “Maybe also they dont know that what they love about us is how we work so well together. Me and my partner we work well together and love our job. We are the duo on air that works. Others who are paired don’t have that chemistry because of their different personalities.

She added that it’s necessary to tell people why they’ve been pushing so close together past their arms length, saying it’s purely for knowing each other better.

“Me and Lofti we go the extra mile, and maybe we need to tell people why. We have carried this brand and we find it important to build our brand, we go out for dates, we do, we must go out and sit together and talk so that we can know how each one of us is doing,” she added.

Lofti on the hand, emphasized Fridah’s sentiment while at the same time clarifying on questions raised on their matching outfits.

“For those who have ever gone for marriage counseling, they are told there is unity in matching clothes. That’s why, even in schools, the army has uniforms. So we the duo are partners, we must match,” he said.


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