Mulamwah’s Baby Mama, Carol Sonnie, Reason for Concealing Identity of New Lover

Mulamwah’s Baby Mama Carol Sonnie, has crossed her heart never to unveil the identity of the new lovebird she has found.

Admitting to the famous media personality Nicholas Kioko that she’s in a brand new relationship, Mrs Sonnie recalled her past relationship with funnyman Mulamwah reiterating that she won’t dare repeat the mistake she did by disclosing her man’s identity.

According to her, the step she took in her relationship with Mulamwah gave her lessons worth memorizing.

“I will never reveal his identity. I learned this the hard way in my past relationship.” She said.

While turning down answering to question on minding the ongoing relationship between Mulamwah and his fiance Ruth, Sonnie bragged about her current love tale saying it’s too sweeter to be loved.

She added:

“I didn’t know love was this sweet-he gives me the baby girl treatment. I have gained 13kgs.”

However, she hinted that she has no plans to mother another kid aside from Keilah, with whom she sired with Mulamwah during their previous relationship that stunted.

She further told Kioko to query the renowned media personality Mulamwah for having abandoned his daughter, a statement which hints that her baby daddy seemingly stales on carrying out his responsibilities as the father.

“You guys should ask him why he rejected his daughter,” she said


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