Gachagua Promotes Kenyan Coffee Reforms in Colombia Visit

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua recently announced that the progression of coffee reforms in Kenya is promising. He made this statement during his visit to Bogota, Colombia, where he is set to attend the Coffee Producers and Roasters Forum in Medellin City. The primary objective of this visit is to bolster the global presence of Kenyan coffee, ensuring better profit margins for local farmers.

Gachagua emphasized that his mission in Colombia, a country recognized for its leading specialty coffee, is to learn and adopt their best practices. The Deputy President believes that Kenya has significant lessons to derive from Colombia’s successful coffee industry.

On arriving in Bogota, Gachagua confirmed the presence of a delegation accompanying him, which comprises Kenyan coffee farmers. The primary goal of this gathering is to ensure that Kenyan coffee farmers receive a fairer share of profits, achieved through accessing high-value markets that would yield better prices for their produce.

Additionally, Gachagua highlighted Kenya’s current export strategy. The nation presently exports its coffee to lucrative markets including the United States, Germany, and Belgium. The focus is to enhance the value of Kenyan coffee products to make them even more appealing to these high-value markets.

In his statement, Gachagua also mentioned the signing of multiple Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with Colombia. These MoUs are expected to fortify the existing bilateral ties between the two nations.

Furthermore, after his engagement in Colombia, Gachagua will represent President William Ruto at the forthcoming G77 Summit, set to take place in Havana, Cuba.


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