Octopizzo Criticizes Khaligraph Jones for His Diss Track, Calling It “Non Hip Hop.”

Kenyan rapper Henry Ohanga  popularly known as Octopizzo has renewed his feud with Khaligraph Jones due to a diss track the latter released targeting Tanzanian hip hop artists.

In a fiery statement that seems to be shooting from the hip, the “Hivo Hivo” hitmaker did not spare Khalighraph Jones, saying that he is seeking validation and relevance by targeting his fellow artists after a long career in the industry.

“Kenyan Rapper still desperate for validation and clout 10 yrs later. Picking fight with everyone to stay afloat & relevant. Sad in deed. Hope you heal from what you going through, coz it’s showing in a different way. That’s not hiphop that’s cry for help.” read a tweet that shared by Octopizzo on his social media 

Khaligragh Jones released a diss track making fun of Tanzanian rappers, stating that artists are doing nothing to revere the genre, a track that caused uproar among artists.

This is not the first time the two are going bare knuckles at each other, as they had differed on who was the king of Rap in Kenya, sentiments that both tried to sweep under the carpet, But Khaligraph Jones , insists Octopizzo, does not like him  and does not see any sign of collaborating in the future.

Kenyan Rap artists Octopizzo and Khalighraph Jones

Various Tanzanian artists have reacted to the diss track, warning Khalighraph that it was wrong for him to attack them and their music since he has fans in Tanzania who equally consume his music.


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