Bahati Reacts To Family Paternity Saga

Musician Kelvin Bahati has finally responded to claims that he is not the biological father to his kids. The Bahatis have been trending in the past few days where netizens are questioning the paternity of his kids.

Via his social media platforms, the musician slammed the people who are criticizing his wife, Diana Marua, as he reaffirmed his undying love for her. He revealed that the issue at hand didn’t bother Diana probably because she is used to trollings. Despite being out of their hometown, the award winning artist took time in showering his wife with praises.

Describing Marua as a star, he stated that his wife inspires and motivates a lot of people since she commands a huge following on social media. However, he revealed that sometimes he regrets introducing her to the ruthless world as the act has greatly affected her. The father of four stated that he is a proud husband who will never shy off to call Marua his wife no matter the situation.

The “Barua” hitmaker acknowledged the fact that his wife commands a huge crowd on social media and that’s the genesis of all of their problems. He revealed that their wedding plans are still on track since 70% of the plans are done.

Credits: Bahati’s Instagram

Bahati‚Äôs family has been trending after an unidentified person digitally manipulated one of their family portraits. In the edited image, Bahati’s adopted son, Morgan Bahati was alleged to have been fathered by prolific Kenyan footballer Victor Wanyama while his daughter Heaven was said to have been sired by musician KRG The Don, and his second-born Majesty Bahati was claimed to be Abel Mutua’s son.

The allegations prompted Wanyama to furiously fire back at the online users for being unreasonable. He warned them against such “foolish” acts.


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