Ali Kiba’s Estranged Wife Demands For Apology From Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian superstars Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz’s feud takes a legal turn.

The ongoing feud between two of Tanzania’s biggest music sensations, Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz, has escalated beyond social media spats. The dispute reached a legal turning point when Alikiba’s estranged wife, Amina Khalef, issued a demand letter to Diamond Platnumz, demanding a public apology for a defamatory and malicious social media post made on August 1, 2023 which apparently alleged infidelity on Amina’s part.

In the demand letter, shared on Amina’s official Instagram account (@aileenalora), Amina’s legal representatives claimed that Diamond’s comments had caused significant damage to Amina’s reputation. The letter, dated August 10, asserted that the remarks were “absurd, malicious, and ultimately weird” and demanded an unconditional retraction and deletion of the damaging post within the next seven days. Failure to comply with the demands could lead to criminal and civil litigation against Diamond Platnumz.

The exchange between Alikiba and Diamond took a heated turn when Diamond implied a past romantic involvement with Alikiba’s wife, Amina, during a tense social media altercation. The public spat resulted in Amina’s lawyers taking swift action to protect her reputation.

Amina Khalef and son pose for a photo Photo: Courtesy

However, Diamond’s legal team responded with a counter-demand letter, claiming that Amina’s allegations lacked specific details regarding the allegedly defamatory post. They argued that the absence of Amina Khalef’s full name in the demand notice left room for confusion. Diamond’s lawyers also questioned the authenticity of the claims, emphasising that the alleged post did not explicitly reference Amina Khalef.

The legal exchange underscores the gravity of the situation, where two of Tanzania’s most prominent music figures are not only battling musically but are also entangled in a legal battle over personal allegations and reputational damage.

Amina Khalef’s Allegations:
Amina’s demand letter outlines that Diamond’s insinuations of an affair between him and Amina were false and damaging. Her lawyers emphasised that she had never engaged in any unprofessional, immoral, or inappropriate interactions with Diamond or anyone else in the music industry. Amina’s legal team cited the negative consequences of Diamond’s statements on her mental health, reputation, and family relationships.

Diamond’s Defense:
Diamond’s response to the demand letter from Amina’s legal team contested the allegations, stating that he had never made any statements about an affair with Amina Khalef. His lawyers focused on the lack of explicit mention of Amina’s full name in the alleged post and questioned the basis of her claims. Diamond’s legal team argued that the alleged defamation did not meet the necessary criteria for a claim, as it did not directly reference Amina Khalef.

A section of Diamond Platnumz’ legal team response to Amina Khalef’s demands

Public Attention:
The legal dispute has garnered significant public attention due to the involved parties’ status as major figures in the Tanzanian music industry. Fans, media outlets, and entertainment enthusiasts are closely following the unfolding drama between Alikiba, Diamond Platnumz, and Amina Khalef.

Impact on Music Industry:
The feud between Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz has not only generated headlines but also highlighted the intense rivalry between the two artists. As the legal battle continues, the incident has broader implications for how public disputes between high-profile figures in the music industry are managed. The feud has ignited discussions about the impact of social media on personal and professional relationships within the region’s entertainment scene


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