Bushra Sakshi Hints On Possible Failed Reunion With Crazy Kennar

After a few weeks of wondering what transpired between renown comedian Crazy Kennar and his crew members, two of the former casts have come out to speak out on their viral split. After the breakup, all the crew members went mute and only speculations were heard without any clear answers.

In an interview hosted by Dr Ofweneke on TV 47, Yvonne Khisa and Bushra Sakshi decided to spill the beans and call a spade a spade. On enquiry whether they would have a second thought in reuniting with Kennar, Bushra indicated that the comedian deceived them and the disrespect was too much to handle.

“If Kennar called you now will you pick up? Or come back?” Ofweneke asked.

“The disrespect was too much to even go back,” Bushra hastily responded.

She added that they no longer converse with the award winning comedian since their dramatic fallout. However, Yvonne didn’t comment on the matter as she decided to reserve her remarks. Days ago, another of the casts dubbed as Wanjiru Africa, revealed that their contracts were terminated prematurely.

The claims comes a time when Kennar declared that he is recruiting fresh female actors to work with in his new comic journey. He took it a step further to share a banner for the casting call inviting the new talents. In the meantime, the comedian is solely creating his comic videos as he hasn’t communicated on any changes or even introducing new crew members.


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