The Samidoh Family Drama: Nyamu Reacts To Edday’s Request To Be Left Out Of The Wrangles

After Edday Nderitu recently announced that her marriage to mugithi musician Samidoh was over because of his love affair with nominated senator Karen Nyamu, she added one humble ask, not to be dragged in the drama.

The now US-based mother of three cited her reason for asking to be left out of the dramas that involved her, Samidoh and Nyamu to be the fact that she is no longer together with the father of her three children.

“In this new season of my life I don’t need any drama, I need peace only ,I hope next episode of this series my name will be left out. nothingbutprayers #powerofprayers,” she wrote on Facebook.

However, a fan named Hafsa Amira was bold enough to ask Karen Nyamu if she would grant Edday her wish. Nyamu had posted asking fans if they had watched her recent interview with a kikuyu media house.

“Yes watched and also Edday has requested you keep off mentioning her she has moved on,” Hafsa Amira told Karen Nyamu.

“Hafsa Amira in an interview I will answer all questions I don’t care who I mention. It is up to you to tell the interviewer not to ask me,” Karen Nyamu said.

Samidoh has not yet responded to Edday’s divorce claims.


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