Cabinet Secretary Kindiki Warns Against Police Corruption

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has issued a stern warning to police officers, urging them to refrain from engaging in corrupt practices while carrying out their duties. He emphasized that the government would not hesitate to take decisive action, including terminating the employment of corrupt state officials. Kindiki conveyed this message during his visit to the Sondu market, which has been facing security challenges and is located on the border of Kericho and Kisumu counties.

Accompanied by various security officers, including regional commissioners and police commanders, Kindiki stressed the importance of police officers serving the public diligently and without soliciting bribes. He emphasized that the citizens must be respected, highlighting that he and even the President owe their positions to the people.

The Interior Cabinet Secretary also directed police and national government administration officers in the Rift Valley and Nyanza regions to carry out their duties impartially and without favoritism. He reminded the officers that they had taken an oath to serve in the national police service and should refrain from tribal discrimination while fulfilling their responsibilities.

Kindiki acknowledged public complaints regarding the excessive use of force by the police and expressed the need for this to come to an end. To ensure peace and security in the troubled Sondu market, he urged officers from Kericho and Kisumu to collaborate by conducting joint operations and patrols. He emphasized that the police should be prepared to go beyond their designated jurisdictions if required to maintain law and order.

Moreover, Kindiki pledged the government’s commitment to working with local leaders and stakeholders in counties experiencing border disputes, aiming to find lasting solutions. By addressing corruption, impartiality, and excessive use of force concerns while promoting collaboration between neighboring counties, Kindiki intends to improve the overall security situation in the Sondu area and enhance trust between the police and the public.


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