MP Peter Salasya’s War of Words and His Seemingly Noble Mission

Mumias East Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya, has been making waves in the Kenyan entertainment industry with his recent acts of generosity and his engagement with Kenyan Celebrities. From extending a helping hand to struggling artist Stephen Otieno Adera, popularly known as Stivo Simple Boy, to his interactions with influencer Azziad Nasenya and comedians MC Jessy and Oga Obinna, Salasya has been at the center of attention in the entertainment news sphere.

Salasya’s commitment to supporting struggling artists came to light when he made a promise to get a house for Stivo Simple Boy.

Stevo Simple Boy

“I will help you wherever I can, I will build a house for you in Oyugis. So Monday, you will have a new home, tafta ile nyumba itakupendeza mimi I will do the necessary.” said Salasya to Stevo Simple Boy

True to his word, the MP fulfilled his promise by acquiring a fully furnished house for the rapper and covering the associated expenses.

For the first three months, I’ll pay rent for you so that you stabilize, I’ll also look for some furniture, mattress, bed, for you,” added the MP

Additionally, Salasya pledged to provide support for Simple Boy’s wife, sponsoring her on a three-month hairdressing course and helping her establish a salon as a long-term solution.

I have convinced Simple Boy’s wife to join a three-month hairdressing and beauty course, which I will cover. I will also help her set up a salon as a long-term solution.” he explained

And he still wasn’t done. Instead of just giving the artist and his family some fish, he went ahead to offer their patriarch the chance to learn how to fish even better than he already does in the entertainment scene. Salasya’s dedication to the artist’s well-being extends beyond immediate assistance, as he advised Simple Boy to pursue further education that could help him achieve financial independence in the future.

Stevo Simple Boy

“I advised Simple Boy to pursue any refresher course that I will also undertake so that music can become a side hustle for him in the future,”  he added

The MP’s philanthropic efforts did not go unnoticed by the entertainment industry. However, his actions also sparked a debate, with comedian MC Jessy questioning Salasya’s motives and suggesting that the assistance provided to Simple Boy was being used for personal gain.

“People playing around with helping Stevo Simple Boy should stop, you don’t need cameras around you to help. There’s another MP from Mumias who claims he wants to help Simple Boy, why can’t he do it without recording?” MC Jessy said.

MC Jessy

In response, Salasya defended his actions, emphasising that he had followed through on his promises and criticizing those who had previously laughed at Simple Boy’s struggles but were now critical of the assistance he received.

“I think theres a problem somewhere and its like some people are not feeling really good when Simple Boy is being assisted.” remarked the MP

You guys were the same people laughing at him when he needed assistance, you were no where to assist him,” Salasya added

However, Salasya’s confrontation with Kenyan entertainers did not start there with the latest one versus MC Jessy.

Earlier this year in March, Salasya’s apparent opposition to Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba’s appointmment of Azziad Nasenya, who was appointed to the Talanta Hela Kenya initiative by the Sports CS also drew attention. The MP clarified that his previous criticism of Azziad was not personal.

“I have no problem with Azziad She deserves the job, if she qualifies,” Salasya said.

Azziad Nasenya

He explained that he picked the fight with Ababu Namwamba for reasons best known to him and his fellow Cabinet Secretary.

The problem was with the CS. He told me he was coming for my tournament, but didn’t show up. I called him repeatedly but he never picked. So if someone doesn’t pick up your calls from an MP what about only seeing him na ule mdada. Why talk to her and not me an MP?” Salasya said.

“If you avoid leaders like us, and listen to women, me I do not have a problem with her that is her right,” added the MP

Before Salasya went at it with MC Jesses, he’d found himself in a public spat with comedian Oga Obinna. The MP had accused Obinna and other celebrities of capitalising on Stivo Simple Boy’s financial difficulties for clout.

Obinna defended himself against Salasya’s accusations, cautioning the MP against using Simple Boy’s situation for personal gain and highlighting the importance of providing tangible support rather than empty promises.

Oga Obinna

Let’s help the Stevo simple. All this kizungu mingi na catwalk haitasaidia. Let’s hope you will be true to your word. If Stevo wins I’m happy. I help kidogo, you help kidogo and any other person. About Millions – Read Luke 21:1-4 The much I have is not from CDF. Stop blubbering like some uneducated blogger. Talk from a point of verified information,” Obinna said.

Well, as the record shows, Hon. Salasya did help out Simple Boy.

Salasya’s involvement with various entertainment figures demonstrates his willingness to engage with the industry and address the challenges faced by artists. While some have questioned his motives, the MP’s track record of fulfilling promises and providing practical assistance to struggling individuals speaks for itself.

Tuache kubeba hawa artistes ujinga, wanakuja wanamake stories wanatrend they don’t help the young people….wale wanatafuta kutrend na they are not doing what they have promised to do mshindwe kabisa,”  proposed Salasya in a recent war of words with a Kenyan entertainer

Mumias East MP Hon. Peter Salasya

As Salasya continues to make headlines with his philanthropic acts and interactions with entertainers, it remains to be seen how his engagement will shape the future of the Kenyan entertainment industry.

With his focus on empowering artists and advocating for genuine compassion and support when needs be, Salasya is poised to leave a lasting impact on the trends in Kenyan charity and widely renowned hospitality.


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