Akothee Drops Heartwarming Motivational Message

Singer Akothee has began this month of July with lots of motivational quotes using her influence to atleast uplift other people’s esteem. In a message that seemed to be her good morning text to her online fans, the dubbed president of single mothers encouraged fans to be careful on their consistent actions, that, it’s what describes their personalities.

You don’t loose someone because of the big thing you did, you loose someone because of the small repeatedly things you did.” She wrote.

She further emphasized on the significance of forgiving oneself, noting that forgiveness ought to begin by oneself before expecting others to feel the worth of forgiving.

According to the dubbed president of single mothers, it doesn’t matter the number of times you become remorseful if it doesn’t first make sense to you in person.

She added:

How many times will your sorry make sense to you before it make sense to the other person?”

Akothee, perhaps talking from experience, also undressed the aspect of betrayal adding that it hurts more to be betrayed by persons that are within your social cycle, than it would do when hurt by foes

Photo|Facebook: Akothee’s Post

Betrayal hurts when it comes from a person you thought had your back . Betrayal from a stranger never hurts since you have zero expectations. Protect your sanity. Build boundaries and strong wall guard your mental space. Good morning.” Read in her last paragraphs.

Do you agree with her sentiments?