Zari On The Spot For Calling Young Husband Stupid And Timid

The tug of war between South Africa-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and the UK-based promoter Lady Naa have escalated as the former leaked an audio file of the latter ‘trash talking’ her husband, Mr. Lutaaya Shakib. The audio was reportedly sent by Zari to Lady Naa asking her to provide a brief to Shakib since he is always nervous and timid whenever the two are aboard an international trip.

The fight started when Zari failed to show up at her much anticipated UK event that Lady Naa had booked for her. According to Lazy Naa, Zari had already received some down payment but still decided to disappoint, making her to leak the audio that has now tarnished Zari’s reputation.

In the audio, Zari describes Shakib as young and timid and worse still, calls him fala, which means stupid. The audio has since placed Zari at the center of criticism as fans kept recounting occasions when Shakib seemed unhappy in the relationship.

She shared that Shakib lacks intelligence and whenever they need to apply for visas or other travel documents, she is the one who speaks on their behalf. It seems that Shakib suffers from inferiority complex due to lack of confidence and it does not seem good to Zari.

Zari has however reacted to the incident expressing her disappointment at her women friends who take advantage of her celebrity status and use their private conversations to tarnish her name. She has also affirmed that nothing is going to compromise the love between her and her and her husband.

Image: A collage photo of Lady Naa and Zari

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