“Respect Me In My Absence,”- Shakib Reacts To Zari Calling Him ‘Fala’

The husband to Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, Shakib Lutaaya has finally responded after a leaked audio of his wife labelling him as timid and foolish went viral.

Taking to his social media page, Shakib post an image og him and Zari alongside someone else and warned her against talking ill about him with anyone including her friends as he emphasized on the need of his wife to respect him even in his absence.

“Don’t ever talk bad about your husband to anyone ever… RESPECT ME IN MY ABSENCE. That’s all I ask.” He wrote.

In another post that has left fans speculating a ‘break up’, Shakib advised people against pride adding that it could lead to them missing out on something they will never find again.

“Love will have you looking stupid. But pride could have you miss out on something you’ll never find again.” He wrote.

Zari has been under scrutiny by social media users since the audio file in which she refers to her husband Shakib as ‘Fala’ went viral.


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