Erick Omondi Comes To The Rescue Of Stevo Simple Boy’s Bankruptcy

The month of June has proved to be tougher for rapper Stevo Simple boy as his financial constraints has also kept hitting harder to a point that the musician alongside his wife Grace Atieno had to share their struggles to the public, revealing how it had become almost impossible for Simple Boy to cater for the family’s needs.

Having gotten wind of Simple Boy’s sad story, Comedian and activist Eric Omondi got touched by the details and decided to extend help to the fellow entertainer as he took the opportunity to further his fight against too much taxation on content creators and Kenyans at large. Eric pleaded to the Government not to tax content creation as it is a product of pure creativity.

“I saw the interview and heard their words. My brother’s story is very sad; that is why I am asking the government not to tax content creators. Tunaomba gava wasifinye hawa vijana; hakuna kazi. Tukishatengeneza hizo kazi mnakuja kuchukua hio pesa,” said Eric.

Eric brought the rapper and his wife food stuff shopping and also pledged to help Stevo record his next projects, advising the rapper to hit up the upcoming gengetone rap artist Ngesh, for a collabo.

“Tumekuja support Simple Boy na shopping na kuna vitu tumepanga kufanya” He said.

This has come after Stevo’s management, Men In Business(MIB) terminated his contract. Grace Atieno had accused the management of mistreating her husband.

“We would like to notify you that we no longer wish to proceed with our musical contract with you. This letter serves as a notice to you. Our intent is to terminate the contract in a lawful and in accordance with the protocols. Please note that your cooperation will be needed during this period of transition for smoothing running of the termination process,” said MIB.

Other well wishers that have opted for offering help to Simple boy include comedian Mulamwah who gave the rapper Sh. 8000.


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