Embattled Preacher Ezekiel Odero Organizes Massive Nairobi Crusade

Controversial preacher Ezekiel Odero is set to organize a large-scale crusade at Nairobi’s Jacaranda Grounds, just days after opening a church in Kisii. However, Odero is currently facing investigations for various offenses, including radicalization and money laundering. Despite the ongoing investigations, he has not yet been charged, as the police are still gathering evidence related to the alleged crimes.

The state recently canceled crusades that had been scheduled in Machakos and Nairobi, which were organized by Odero. Nevertheless, he appears undeterred by the investigations and conducted the opening of a church on a 13-acre land in Mosocho, Kisii, last weekend. A poster circulating on social media indicates that Odero, along with Bishop Pius Muiru, will be conducting the crusade on both Saturday and Sunday at the Jacaranda Grounds.

Just two weeks ago, Odero’s TV station, World Evangelism TV, reopened after being shut down in April due to investigations into cult-like teachings and the Shakahola deaths. While Odero was initially required to present himself at the police station on a weekly basis, the court later modified the order to once a month.

“Controversial preacher Ezekiel Odero is set to hold a large crusade at the Jacaranda Grounds in Nairobi, following the recent opening of his church in Kisii. Despite ongoing investigations into offenses such as radicalization and money laundering, Odero has not been charged yet. Previous crusades organized by him were canceled by the state, but he remains undeterred. Odero’s TV station, World Evangelism TV, has also reopened after being shut down due to investigations into cult activities and deaths. He is currently required to report to the police station once a month, as per court orders.”


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