Azziad Walks Out Of Interview Room After A Tough Query

Renown Tik Toker Azziad Nasenya has sparked a hot debate after walking out of an interview with Mwende Macharia of Radio Maisha after she asked the content creator to clear the air on her recent firing from Talanta Hela Council. Nasenya, Akothee and Kate Actress were among the people who were announced to have been revoked from the council during it’s Statehouse launch.

The incident which was captured live on the station’s TikTok account, kicked by Mwende asking the influencer about her success in content creation. Nasenya was excited to discuss her work and future project lineup. Unfortunately, the interview took an unexpected twist when Mwende enquired on the reason behind Nasenya’s firing from Talanta Hela Council.

The influencer expressed displeasure as the question seemed to invade her privacy. According to the content creator, she never gave any consent to the journalist to discuss the matter. The Tik Toker prematurely terminated the interview by walking out of the studio and headed to the elevator.

The incident sparked a hot debate on the boundaries of journalistic inquiry and invading personal privacy. However, Mwende defended her line of query and dictated her role as a media personality. In her opinion, the question was necessary to provide the much-needed explanation on the firing of Nasenya since she is public figure as well as a brand.


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