Karen Nyamu’s Exorbitant Fathers Day Gift To Samidoh

Pesa otas for sure! Nominated senator Karen Nyamu spent thousands on an appreciation gift to her baby daddy Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki on father’s day.

A video shared by the senator shows her in a liquor store making a transaction for an expensive bottle of alcohol worth Ksh. 420, 000, meant for Samidoh.

Nyamu makes rounds in the store and deliberately inquires about the most expensive drink available after which she is directed to a shelve with Louis XIII, a brandy by Remy Martin that goes for Ksh420,000.

“Nimekuja kununulia mbabaz pombe ya father’s day. Nataka ile ya dooh mob kabisaa for mbabaz. The most expensive one kabisaa, nataka kubuiya mbabaz.”She tells the store attendant.

However, a section of netizens did not seem to have been pleased with Karen Nyamu’s kind gesture to the father of her two kids as they argued in line with the tough times that have engulfed the common mwananchi. These are some of the comments;

@Godie_Njagi: Naweza mrudisha nayo aki, turudi tu nepewe hiyo 400k na mzinga ya 20k. Ulevi ni ile ile, I’d appreciate an expensive gizmo than pombe. Ûyû nî ûrimû .

@Colinsmacharia: wueh uyu ananunua pombe na pesa inaeza badalisha maisha yangu completely 😭 tears.

santana_za: Sometimes I really hope hizi pesa ni zao, but I hope ni zao l, I hope ni zao sio zetu tumeoshwa.


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