CS Wahome Breaks Silence Over Allegations On Grabbing MP’s Karen House

Alice Wahome, CS for Water and Irrigation, has distanced herself from the alleged reports that she has grabbed a house in Karen which belongs to an MP. According to her, these allegations are mistakenly burdened on her, emphasizing that she is not the one.

Despite not having any evidence linking Alice Wahome with the alleged act, Kenyans have been thinking that Wahome is on spot.

CS Alice Wahome, in response to the circulating accusations, has told off Kenyans especially on Twitter for pushing tirelessly to paint her name in clear inks for the blame of grabbing the said house.

Photo: Alice Wahome’s Tweet

Defending herself, she insisted that forcefully grabbing is not a character in her bloodline and should any CS commit the act, then it will extremely be wrong to blame it on her.

Further, she has made it known to Kenyans that she rightfully owns her home and therefore she doesn’t need another home.

The long interesting story has developed after Citizen TV reported it today but failed to name the alleged CS in their Report.


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