Temporary Closure of Nairobi Southern Bypass for Maintenance

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has announced the temporary closure of a section of the Nairobi Southern Bypass for maintenance works. This closure will result in a four-day interruption of traffic from Thursday, June 15, to Sunday, June 18. Specifically, the Kikuyu-bound carriageway from the virtual weighbridge to Gitaru Overpass will be affected. However, KeNHA has provided some relief by allowing motorists to access the area every night between 6:00 pm and 9:00 am, during which normal traffic will resume. This arrangement aims to accommodate highway maintenance works along the section.

Motorists have been advised to approach the affected area with caution and follow the traffic signs and guidance that will be put in place. To ensure security and provide direction, KeNHA will deploy marshals to control traffic at night from Thursday to Sunday. Additionally, proper signage will be erected to guide motorists using the Southern Bypass.

The Nairobi Southern Bypass project involved the construction of a 28.6km dual carriageway, including 12 kilometers of slip roads and an additional 8.5 kilometers of service roads. The bypass was designed to enable motorists to enter from the Nairobi-Mombasa highway near Park Side Towers and traverse the outskirts of the Nairobi National Park, Langata South Estate, Ngong Road, Dagoretti, Gitara, and Thogoto in Kiambu County before joining the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

The introduction of the Southern Bypass aimed to alleviate congestion in Nairobi by providing alternative routes for motorists heading to the western part of the country. The temporary closure for maintenance works signifies the commitment of KeNHA to ensure the proper upkeep and functionality of this vital road network.


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