Size 8 Shares How Prayers Help Her Marriage Survive Intimately

Famous singer and pastor Size 8 eventually let the cat out of the bucket telling about the key drivers of success in her marriage. She also urged couples on the significance of faith and prayers in building a long lasting romance.

In a recent interview on a popular YouTube channel, Size 8 showed off her marriage, which has lasted for a remarkable decade attributing it to the power of prayer. Size 8, emphasized in clear words that prayers have played a vital role in keeping her marriage strong and resilient over the years.

While going beyond the boundaries of her inner marital affairs, Size 8 also addressed the prudence of intimacy among couples. Giving an instance of herself, she acknowledged that intimacy curve can sometimes drop to the point she feels tired and uninterested in making love.

To sort herself out and to make sure she grants her husband his rights, the pastor said she always go down on her knees to pray for strength in such situations. She added that she always entrust and rely on the Holy Spirit to ignite passion within her.

By seeking divine assistance, she ensures that she can fulfill the intimate needs of her husband, DJ Mo. Isn’t this so interesting?


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