Mutua Appreciates Romania Recalling Envoy Over Racist Remarks

Alfred Mutua, the Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Cabinet Secretary, expressed gratitude towards the Romanian government for recalling its Ambassador to Kenya, Dragos Tigau. This action was taken in response to allegations that Tigau had made derogatory and racist remarks about Africans during a meeting in Nairobi, where he referred to African group members as “Monkeys.”

Mutua commended the Kenyan government for summoning the ambassador to investigate the allegations, stating that the Romanian government had done the right thing. He emphasized that African and black people would not tolerate such derogatory treatment, as they have endured centuries of prejudice and discrimination. Mutua asserted that respect for all races and cultures is not an option but a fundamental requirement for every individual.

Following the incident, Mutua disclosed that he had been in communication with the African Group, the United Nations, and the Romanian government. The Romanian Ambassador was accused of using the derogatory reference during a meeting at the UN headquarters on April 26.

In response to the incident, the Romanian government described it as an isolated case and stated that it should not impact the relations between Romania and African countries. They expressed hope that the incident would not undermine the deep relations based on partnership and mutual respect that Romania shares with African nations. The government further stated that the ambassador’s behavior did not reflect the institutional and human values that guide Romania’s diplomatic actions.

Alfred Mutua expressed appreciation for the Romanian government’s decision to recall their ambassador, emphasizing the importance of respecting all races and cultures. He underscored that the incident should serve as a reminder that derogatory treatment towards any group of people is unacceptable, and efforts must be made to foster understanding, equality, and mutual respect among all individuals and nations.


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