First Lady Rachel Ruto: Stay Away From Bad Influences

On Sunday, First Lady Rachel Ruto delivered a message encouraging students to resist the temptations of drug abuse and alcoholism. Emphasizing that the future of the nation rests on a responsible generation of youth, she spoke at the Nairobi County Students prayer rally held at Moi Girls High School in Nairobi.

Addressing the students, Mrs. Ruto highlighted the importance of their choices and activities in determining their success. She urged them to steer clear of bad company, drugs, and alcohol, stressing that these could hinder their achievements.

Furthermore, the first lady called on Kenyans to support religious organizations involved in promoting good morals among students. She emphasized that it was the responsibility of every citizen to back initiatives aimed at instilling positive values in schools and the youth.

Mama Rachel expressed her intention to discuss ways to support the Kenya Students Christian Fellowship, recognizing the impactful work they are doing.

Jacob Mwangi, the National Chairman of Kenya Students Christian Fellowship, echoed the need for collective efforts among religious bodies to address social issues affecting schools. He urged the government to collaborate closely with religious organizations in tackling the increasing cases of drug and alcohol abuse among students. Mwangi also highlighted the activities conducted by their fellowship to positively influence the youth, including Bible studies focused on fostering good behavior and moral values.

The event was attended by principals and students from various schools across Nairobi, Kajiado, Makueni, and Kiambu, demonstrating the widespread concern for the welfare of students and the desire to address the challenges they face.


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