The End: Otile Brown and Longtime Manager, Noriega, Part Ways

Kenyan music sensation, Otile Brown, has shocked fans with the announcement of his departure from a six-year collaboration with his longtime manager, Joseph Noriega, affectionately known as Noriega Donself. The news marks the end of a remarkable era characterised by immense success and a deep bond between the two.

The partnership between Otile Brown and Joseph Noriega began in early 2018 when Noriega, a popular music executive, artist manager, and entrepreneur in Kenya, signed a partnership and managerial deal with the rising RnB star. From that point onward, Noriega played a pivotal role in shaping Otile Brown’s career, propelling him to new heights within the music industry.

Otile Brown’s rise to stardom owes much to the unwavering dedication and astute guidance provided by Noriega. Under his management, Otile Brown released a string of hit songs that resonated with audiences across Kenya and beyond. Notably, he gained a massive following on various platforms, including YouTube, where he commands the most subscribed YouTuber subscribers in the country.

Expressing his gratitude for their time together, Otile Brown lauded Noriega’s profound impact on his career. He credited Noriega’s passion, support, and mentorship for shaping him as an artist.

“Working with Noriega has been an incredible experience. His passion and support have shaped me as an artist. I will forever cherish our partnership.” read Otile Brown’s statement in the official press release published Wednesday, June.7.2023.

Otile Brown’s astounding success throughout his musical journey stands as a testament to the profound influence of Joseph Noriega.

While the news of their separation may come as a surprise to fans, Otile Brown assured his dedicated fan base of his continued consistency and unwavering commitment to his musical path. ‘Despite the change in management, Otile Brown’s artistic vision and dedication to creating exceptional songs will remain unchanged.’ read a part of the press release.

The journey shared by Otile Brown and Joseph Noriega transcended the boundaries of a typical artist-manager relationship, blossoming into a true friendship rooted in shared experiences and unwavering support. Noriega’s departure signifies not only the end of a fruitful professional partnership but also the conclusion of a deeply personal connection that has shaped Otile Brown’s rise to stardom.

As Otile Brown embarks on a new chapter in his musical career, fans can eagerly anticipate his future projects and the artistic evolution that lies ahead. Even though the departure of Joseph Noriega undoubtedly marks a significant change for Otile Brown, his fans can take solace in knowing that his determination to excel in the music industry by continuously winning the hearts of his fans will continue to fuel his musical journey.

The parting of ways between Otile Brown and Noriega has sparked curiosity and left fans speculating about the future directions of both parties.

In a press briefing held by Noriega on June.09.2023, the highly acclaimed music talent manager cleared the air when he shared his perspective on the end of his musical journey with Otile Brown. Noriega stated that although him and Otile won’t be doing business together in the foreseeable future, the personal side of their relationship is still safe and sound.

“I must first start by saying that it’s very crystal evident, that all good things must come to an end. It is official that my time working with Otile Brown as management, notably his business manager has finally come to an end after 6 solid years of a remarkable era of collaboration and partnership. To echo his words, I’m super super grateful for the journey, memories and the success.” said Noriega as he read out loud his press release to members of the media who attended his press briefing.

“As a gentleman, I don’t feel like he is really right, but, he’s done so much for me, and I really appreciate… we are in a good place, there is no issue, the only thing we are not doing is that we are not doing business together.” added Noriega.

This largely unforeseen turn of events has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on their shared history. As fans bid farewell to this extraordinary collaboration, they can reflect on the remarkable achievements and the music that defined a significant chapter in Otile Brown’s career.

Ultimately, the separation of Otile Brown and Joseph Noriega marks a remarkable chapter in the Kenyan music scene. Their six-year partnership not only propelled Otile Brown to stardom but also showcased the power of collaboration and unwavering dedication in the pursuit of musical excellence. As one of Kenya’s most prominent musical talents, Otile Brown’s artistic evolution and musical endeavours will undoubtedly be followed closely by fans and industry enthusiasts alike.


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