Sauti Sol Snubs Andrew Kibe In Their America Concert

Social commentator Andrew Kibe is an enraged man after being denied an interview by Sauti sol in America. Kibe took to his YouTube channel to throw shade at the band in what he described as disrespect to him. He singled out every Sol member subjecting them to harsh slamming and criticism.

“Mnakataaje kuniatia interview? Mimi niwaombe interview mkatae…You reject me I reject you, that’s how it works. You think it’s good to be rejected? You think am happy to be rejected by people who are in the same industry as me?” Said Kibe.

The Kenyan boy band Sauti sol had announced a world tour which started in May 21, marking the end of the band and last weekend they were performing in America, where the Kenyan controversial YouTuber Andrew Kibe resides. As a fan, Kibe was excited to attend Sol’s concert that was scheduled on Saturday in the Us’ capital, Washington DC.

Kibe left Austin, Texas, where he currently stays, and travelled more than 1500 miles to Washington DC, a trip that cost him a half a million Kenyan shillings. He recounted on how he had planned to maximize the opportunity with the band, creating content for his channel and even get to socialize with them only for his plans to be constrained by two of the band’s managers who blocked his access to the band.

In a back and forth with the managers, Kibe was told that the band members did not want to meet him. Frustrated and mad, Kibe just attended the concert and enjoyed the euphonious and pompous vocals by the band.

It is unclear why Sauti Sol snubbed Kibe but fans suspected that Kibe’s tendency of criticizing and name calling Kenyan celebrities could have landed him to such a humbling experience.

Photo: Sauti Sol band.

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