Pritty Vishy In Distress After YouTube Pulled Down Her New Video Song

Content creator Prity Vishy woke up to a heartbreaking realization today June 8, that her latest video project dubbed Kienyeji, has been taken down by YouTube.

According to Vishy, the video was reported by unknown individuals who are jealous of her work and now she is left helpless and demoralized. She cried out expressing her disappointment and hurt over YouTube’s actions that were allegedly due to unspecified infringement.

Through her insta stories, Vishy cried for help stressing on how the video that has since garnered 44k views, had cost her a fortune and time devoted for active promotion on social media.

“This is not fare why? I put so much work on that song..why report it? Please someone help me😭😭.I’ve done nothing wrong, I was just doing my thing ilini cost so much, now what I don’t know..I don’t know him or her they’ve just taken down my song it’s just gone.”She lamented.

“This is not fair, to be honest, this is not fair, I don’t even know you, why are you doing this to me?”She added.

The video that featured Dem wa Facebook as the video vixen was premiered on Pritty Vishy’s YouTube channel on June 7.


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