Raila Urges Preparation For Weekly Protests To Resume

Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio party, has urged Kenyans to prepare for the resumption of weekly protests due to the government’s failure to address their concerns and alleviate the high cost of living. Raila criticized President William Ruto’s administration for ignoring the grievances of millions of Kenyans and instead focusing on imposing additional taxes through the Finance Bill.

Raila expressed his discontent during a meeting with members of the Gusii Community in Nairobi, led by Moses Ogeto, the Majority Whip in the County Assembly, and Jackson Ontegi, the Community leader. He accused the current government of coming into power unprepared and now burdening ordinary citizens with their inefficiency.

Raila, alongside other Azimio principals, announced that on Thursday, they would provide the nation with a plan of action regarding the contentious Finance Bill 2023. Despite mounting opposition from Kenyans, rights groups, and workers’ unions, the government is determined to pass the bill without any amendments. Raila warned that Kenyans would resist these efforts.

The former Prime Minister called upon people from all walks of life to unite and participate in large numbers when he announces the reinstatement of the weekly protests. He encouraged them to fight for their rights collectively.

In essence, Raila Odinga, as the leader of the Azimio party, is mobilizing Kenyans to resume weekly protests due to their grievances being ignored by President William Ruto’s government. He criticized the government’s inefficiency and its focus on imposing more taxes on the populace. Raila urged citizens to stand up for their rights and prepare for future protests.


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