Waihiga Mwaura’s Debut at BBC as Focus On Africa’s New Host

In a remarkable turn of events, journalist and news anchor Waihiga Mwaura has embarked on an extraordinary journey as the host of BBC Africa’s flagship news programs, ‘Focus on Africa’. Coinciding with his birthday and the anniversary of his father-in-law’s passing, the launch of the show on Monday, June 5, 2023, marks a significant milestone in Waihiga’s career.

“Have you heard the big news?

BBC Africa’s flagship news programme Focus On Africa is coming back to your screens with a brand-new look.

Join our new host Waihiga Mwaura on Monday 5th June at 16:30 GMT for our first episode of the newly re-launched programme – right from our studio in Nairobi, Kenya.

Watch it live on BBC News! 🎉” read a recent Instagram caption by BBC Africa

The relocation of ‘Focus on Africa’ and ‘Dira Ya Dunia’ from London, UK, to Nairobi, Kenya, is a testament to the growing importance of African stories and the continent’s vibrant media landscape. With this move, BBC Africa aims to enhance its coverage of African affairs by embracing digital storytelling methods and introducing informative explainers to provide in-depth analysis, context, and insights into complex news topics.

As the first presenter of the revamped show, Waihiga Mwaura finds himself at the forefront of this exciting transition. The premier of ‘Focus on Africa’ not only marked the beginning of a new chapter for BBC Africa but also brought personal significance to Waihiga’s life.

Surrounded by guests invited to the launch, Waihiga celebrated his birthday, creating an exciting overlap between his personal milestones and the professional achievement of hosting the show. The joyous occasion also carried a touch of solemnity as it coincided with the anniversary of his father-in-law’s passing. It was an emotional and bittersweet moment for Waihiga, who expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to be part of writing history at BBC Africa.

Bringing the program closer to the 1.3 billion people that make up the African continent for me is very exciting because it means we can do a lot of things differently by just being able to be closer to them,” he said.

Following the live show, Waihiga joined BBC staff and guests to commemorate the dual celebration. The occasion became a memorable fusion of personal and professional milestones, with colleagues and well-wishers expressing their admiration and extending warm birthday wishes to the accomplished news anchor.

Waihiga Mwaura’s presence at the helm of ‘Focus on Africa’ in Nairobi represents a significant step forward in highlighting African stories to a global audience. His excitement and determination to inject a fresh outlook into Focus on Africa live show is evident on air, as well as on his personal media platforms.

“Coming soon. An all-new Focus on Africa live from Nairobi, Kenya.
#FocusOnAfricaTV” read a caption on one of his recent Instagram posts

The show which is intended to bring to the fore the biggest African and International News stories kicked off with a refreshing introduction from Waihiga, “Live from Nairobi, this is Focus on Africa on BBC News.” As these flagship programs embrace digital storytelling and delve into nuanced analysis, they promise to provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the continent’s diverse and complex issues. The show’s premier included stories headlined ‘Escaping Sudan: Sudan Conflict’, ‘Senegal Protests’, ‘Attack on AU Troops’ and more. The revamped show’s new presenter Waihaga went on to divulge more details on the new-look ‘Focus on Africa’.

“Before we go, the sharp-eyed among you would have noticed that Focus on Africa has a new look, a new style and is now live fromNairobi…. Join me as we embark on this exciting journey!” he said

Introducing part of the ‘Focus on Africa’ crew he said, “This is part of the exceptional Focus on Africa team dedicated to taking you beyond more than mere news updates. They are focusing on in-depth analysis, explainers, and fact-checking, and also, not forgetting, those unforgettable interviews with leaders and youthful change-makers.” he added

With Waihiga’s expertise and passion for journalism, coupled with the support of BBC Africa, audiences can expect engaging and insightful coverage of African news, setting a new standard for news reporting in the region. As Waihiga continues to make history with his work at BBC Africa, he serves as an inspiration to aspiring journalists and a testament to the power of storytelling in shaping our understanding of the world.


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