Oga Obinna Splurges on 33rd Birthday with Stunning New Volkswagen Touareg

Former Kiss 100 radio host, Oga Obinna, whose real name is Steve Thompson Maghana, indulged in a grand celebration for his birthday by gifting himself a lavish present. The charismatic personality took to Instagram to share his excitement as he posed beside a stunning Volkswagen Touareg SUV. With a drink in hand, Oga Obinna expressed his self-appreciation on his Instagram post through a heartfelt caption, acknowledging the small gift he bestowed upon himself.

“Double 3 looks good on ME!! Happy Birthday to ME!.
I’ve gotten myself this small gift to appreciate MYSELF.
I’m one of the rare people who don’t know how to QUIT.”
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The extravagant SUV, with a price range between Sh4 million to Sh8 million, depending on the year of manufacture, adds to Oga Obinna’s remarkable collection. It seems that he has a penchant for upgrading his wheels, as he intends to acquire a different version of luxury vehicles to match every stage of his life.

“Always calm, but alert.
Relaxed, but ready.
Smooth, but sharp.
Every next level of MY LIFE will demand a different version of ME.”
he added

However, Oga Obinna’s recent act of kindness extends beyond his own celebration. Just days ago, he urged Kenyans to show compassion towards former Machachari actor Baha (Tyler Mbaya) amidst an online scuffle. Recognizing the challenges faced by content creators, Oga Obinna emphasized the difficulties they encounter when it comes to receiving fair compensation for their work. In light of this, he appealed for understanding and support, highlighting the tough times content creators face, especially those who have families.


BAHA SITUATION. Let’s be kind. Your hate isn’t helping… @tyler_mbaya My2Cents #tyler #mbaya #bahati #tylermbaya

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In addition to the latest addition to his fleet, the remarkable Volkswagen Touareg, Oga Obinna’s impressive collection already boasts a Mercedes Benz and a Toyota Harrier Hybrid. It’s clear that this charismatic personality knows how to celebrate his milestones in style, and his dedication to spreading kindness within the entertainment industry is commendable.


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