Milly WaJesus Mad After Kabi WaJesus Thirsts Over Nicah The Queen

It was all drama when Kabi WaJesus was caught salivating over Nicah the Queen’s well figured body. The content creator gushingly complimented Nicah’s waist right in front of his wife Milly Wajesus who got offended by the comments real quick.

Kabi attempted to brush off his comments as a joke, but it seemed that Milly was already totally pissed off as she felt disrespected.This conversation was part of the Showmax’s gospel reality show, Oh Sister.

Displeased Milly would be seen calling out Kabi for his misconduct as she lamented on how Kabi is fond of thirsting over perfectly bodied women. Milly would then furiously storm out of a gathering full of oh sister’s stars, telling Kabi to let her be. The team was ready for a planned event before the drama kicked in.

“This is not the first time you’ve done this, and it hurts me. Just leave me alone.You do this always, this is not the first time, and it hurts me, leave me alone.” Milly said as she left the gathering.

The intense confrontation ultimately led to the cancellation of the planned event, as Nicah, seeking to avoid being labeled a home wrecker, also made a swift exit from the event.

In another scene during the reality show, Milly admitted that she has previously found herself desperately looking for such a body to please her husband since Kabi’s obsession with slim waists was ruining their marriage. Milly is now considering undergoing a gastric balloon weight loss procedure.


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