Bahati: Diana Bahati Was Malnourished When We Met

Singer Kevin Kioko alias Bahati has commended himself for a job well done when it came to taking care of his wife, Diana Bahati. The father of four reminisced the time he met Diana, throwing a subtle shade on her concerning her appearance at that time.

In a video uploaded on Diana’s YouTube channel, Bahati asked her to mention reasons as to why she used to be unsure about their relationship. Just when she was listing her then insecurities, Bahati tackled her with the fact that he still was able to give her a good life that made her glowing than how she was when they first met.

“Ulikuwa malnourished. Unaona vile nimekufanya ukakuwa umejaza. The big boys understand but nimekusaidia sana,”he said.

Diana had emphasized on how their age difference greatly contributed to her hesitance to commit herself to Bahati. Bahati is three years younger than her. She added that Bahati was overly preoccupied with religion and that was a turn off to her.

“Vile tu nilikwambia, the number one factor was age. You are three years younger than me. Society says you cannot date someone who is younger than you. Nilikua najua ata nikitaka kusettle down, i’ll be settling down with someone who is older than me. Bora tu ako a year older than me tuko sawa.Do you know nikikumeet ulikuwa bible, bible, bible. Do you know I used to respect you ” she stated.

The couple has endured more than enough criticism over their age difference with Bahati being nicknamed moto wa Diana while Diana being called ‘shosh’.

Despite the backlash, the two have continued cherishing their relationship and now have a grown family with four children after five years.


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