Citizen TV Reporter Terms Women Above 40-Years Squandering Fare As Criminals

Squandering men’s fare is a norm for some ladies. I do not have any idea of men who eat fare sent to them by ladies. Is there one?

On Saturday, June 3, 2023, Citizen TV’s political beat reporter Stephen Letoo opened a heated debate over his media fan base after pricking into the eyes of women who squander fare sent to them by their men.

According to the media personality who excused ladies below 20 years of age, perhaps perceiving that it’s their right, any lady who has attained 20 years and above committing the act is a criminal and ought to be charged for their doings.

He however failed to support his sentiments except for saying that they are thieves, who hide under the blankets of romance.

Well, for large part of Letoo’s life, he has been one among the few public figures who advocate for polygamy as well as push for the agendas that empower men of the current and future generations.


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