Wetang’ula Urges End To Pointless Political Debates

National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula emphasized that the legislative body operates independently from the executive. During a speech in Embu, Wetang’ula highlighted that the House conducts its affairs without being influenced by the executive branch.

Wetang’ula clarified that although the House consists of political players, they must maintain a distinction between their caucuses outside the House and their individual votes within it. He stressed the importance of recognizing the independence of the House in its decision-making processes.

At the age of 60, Wetang’ula acknowledged Kenya’s progress in various areas, particularly in terms of democracy. However, he identified several critical areas that require the government’s attention in order to achieve positive transformation.

Wetang’ula questioned the kind of social transformation Kenya should strive for and how to address issues such as widespread poverty, access to clean water, quality healthcare, education for all, and other longstanding concerns that have been discussed for the past six decades.

The former Senator emphasized the need to reduce unnecessary political arguments and shift the focus towards improving the lives of Kenyans. He stressed that this day should symbolize the commitment to the cause for which their forefathers fought during the struggle for independence, and that betraying that cause would be a disservice to their memory.

Wetang’ula reiterated the independence of the National Assembly from the executive, called for attention to critical social issues, and urged politicians to prioritize the welfare of Kenyans over futile political debates.


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