Milly Wa Jesus’ Mother Engages In Sonko Challenge

Social media influencer and content creator, Milly Wa Jesus’ mother has created a heated debate online after engaging in the Sonko challenge. This is after she joined a viral trend of celebrities flaunting notes of cash on social media to prove that they aren’t broke as their counterparts claim.

In a video shared by Nairobi Gossip Club on their Instagram account, Milly’s mother flaunted notes of thousand shillings from her purse before proceeding to a corridor in her house to add more from a traditional basket. The furious woman was sitting in her well furnished apartment as she hurled words of disappointment and disapproval of the earlier claims on Milly and Kabi pouring more money on her than Kabi’s mum.

“Mnasema nini? Mimi si mtu wa kupewa pesa. Niko na zangu,” the furious woman said.

Photo credits: screengrab on NGC Instagram.

The video evoked mixed reactions from netizens. A section of the netizens stated that the woman was probably playing around adding that the basket may be filled with other stuffs in the bottom and top layered with money. These are some of the comments:

Tesh_mutethya wondered why the family asked netizens to contribute to their son’s wedding despite having such amount of money.

Kabi Wa Jesus teased his mother-in-law as he asked for a loan.

Kikuyu_og._ hilariously said: not me thinking leso ziko uko chini apo kwa kikapu.

Milly Wa Jesus hilariously said that her mum was only flaunting women group’s money.

The challenge was originated by former Nairobi governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, after he showcased bags of money after someone implied he was broke. Sonko claimed that the notes amounted to Ksh.30M as he spat harsh words to his counterpart.


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