Edday Nderitu Continues To Spark Breakup Rumours After Unfollowing Samidoh On Instagram

Three days after her birthday, Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu has unfollowed her husband. This has just added to speculations that she might be on the path to moving on from the wrangles that have for long treaded on her marriage.

The mother of three was not celebrated both on mothers day and her birthday by her mugithi music star husband, Samidoh.This heightened Edday’s fans’ spite for Samidoh as they kept urging her to quit the marriage.

Edday and Samidoh’s dispute roots from the revelation that Samidoh was indeed also a husband with nominated senator Karen Nyamu with whom he sired two children. It got worse that the bold senator confronted Edday during Samidoh’s performance in Dubai. Edday has on countless occasions expressed her dissatisfaction with the whole sarcus as she had at some point vowed that she will not raise her kids in a polygamous marriage.

Her latest move that have seen her unfollow Samidoh might just be a sign that she is done.


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