Viral Upcoming Gengetone Artiste Gifted Cash For Creativity

The now viral Gengetone Artist Ngesh well known as bad Gal wa Vasha is counting blessings after her creative Gengetone productions have kicked off a fortunate pathway.

Bad Gal wa Vasha has been trending in the past few days since the virality of songs, courtesy of social media. Fans were thrilled by her marvelous mastery of rhyme in her songs as others couldn’t stop expressing their eagerness to listen to her new projects.

The 22 year old’s lyrics are also hilariously put. Here are some of them: “Cash crop ya nyandarua ni Mawaru,” “kuku hana haga lakini anataga,” ” ninamwaga kamasi na sivai kamisi,” “utanunua bundles ama ovacado,” “nikuite Hamisi leo alhamisi,” “nimepiga luku na bado sina mtu.”

A screengrab of one of Ngesh’s videos.

The internet sensation who is currently in Nairobi from Nakuru county where she resides was given a warm welcome and amazing deals from Kenyans who love her art and confidence. Kenyan businessman Kiddo gifted her Ksh 20,000 and offered to sponsor her next project, both audio and video. She also was offered a free hair makeover from Ezmohaircentre.


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