Isinya Road Accident: Five People Confirmed Dead

Five individuals are believed to be dead in Isinya, Kajiado county, after a bus transporting workers to a flower farm in Kiserian lost control due to faulty brakes.

At 7 a.m., the bus had just departed Isinya town when it rolled three kilometers, killing three women and two men workers. The laborers were on their way to a flower farm near Kiserian. According to one of the survivors, the bus swerved multiple times after its brakes failed. The injured were taken to the subcounty hospital in Isinya.

Patrick Manyasi, the subcounty commander of Isinya, verified the killings. Manyasi said that several individuals had sustained limb injuries and that he was working arranging for the injured to be brought to Kajiado Referral Hospital. Alex Kilowua, executive director of Kajiado Health, stated that due to the severity of the injuries, individuals from the accident scene could not be transported to Isinya Health Centre.

“We arrived at the scene immediately after the accident occurred, and I had to mobilize three ambulances from the county hospitals of Kajiado, Ngong, and Kitengela,” Kilowua said.

He stated that the county medical services responded quickly to the accident victims and that he hopes many lives were saved.


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