Eric Omondi Clashes Obinna Over Claims That Politician Funds Eric’s Demos

The battle between Eric Omondi and Oga Obinna is not only physical, perhaps it’s even spiritual. This time, the duo have once again locked horns after Obinna accused the comedian of doing money laundering.

Speaking in a video shared virally online, the media personality, alleged that Eric Omondi’s demos signifies that he is either someone’s project or a looter from unknown source.

“There is something that I have been meaning to talk about – Eric Omondi. Eric has been giving unga kwa barabara all this drama‚Ķ. They never really amount to anything if you pay close attention. But it gets the right attention,” Obinna said.

He added:

“So this is what I have realized that most people will not realize. Eric Omondi is a project. The only way Eric can manage to pay for all those cinemas, two things. One, he is a project. There is someone who is funding him whether it is Wanjigi, or it’s Baba or it’s Ruto or whoever. Someone is funding all those cinemas that he is doing. Or number two, wash-wash. He is a conman, he is a thug. There is somewhere he is getting the money from.”

This didn’t fly smoothly into the comedian’s eardrums. In a prompt rejoinder, Eric took social media into a blaze after displaying millions of cash he pockets in his house.

In yet another video, he boarded same boat with a peacock, proudly showing off his millions while carelessly throwing them all over his house including on the bed and even in a dustbin.

He dared Obinna never to mention his name again or to question his wealth, adding that Obinna is a mere church mouse to him that he can employ.

“Obinna I told you I am older than you, I am richer than you. I have more money than you I can help you. Naweza fungua radio station na nikuandike kama kitabu,” Eric said.

The comedian further said a single box (there were at least five boxes) contained Ksh13 million in cash

“Sanduku ya kwanza, do you know how much this is? That is Ksh13 million,” he said.

The comedian, continued to slam Obinna saying he made his first Ksh3 million back in 2008 when the former Kiss FM presenter was still in school.

“I have worked my **s off for 16 years. I made my first 3 million in 2008 [kama} bado uko primary ukakojoa unakunia kwa diapers. I can feed you with your entire family, conman, idiot, mwizi, Nigerian fake. DON’T EVER ADDRESS ME, Eric said.

“This is money, 16 years worth of working. I am not a conman” he added.

To clear off any connections with alleged external funding from any political leader, Eric emphasized that he was not funded by politicians adding that what he uses is his hard earned money.

“I give people unga out of my hard-earned cash. My sweat, I have worked for 16 years. Nikipeana unga ni pesa yangu, there is no one behind me. There is no politician, mimi si wa Azimio mimi si wa UDA mimi ni Eric Otieno Omondi,” he said


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