Akothee Seeks Donation from Good Samaritans, Gives Guidelines

Philanthropist and singer Esther Akoth, famously known as Akothee, has given directives to good samaritans who would like to give their donations to aid the Akothee Foundation in accomplishing the task of giving back to the society.

This comes prior to the official date, that the singer’s NGO program shall be journeying to Turkana county to give back to the society.

Through the Akothee Foundation, the vocal musician has supported diversity of culture that has consequently promoted the spirit of oneness within the country.

For her, having fat pockets isn’t a qualification to be selfish but rather, to raise the bar in the sight of the needy for help.

As a result, the singer now calls for good Samaritans to extend their support to help make the journey to Turkana a success. Taking to her social media account, she has issued guidelines on how to channel donations towards funding the program.

Photo|Screenshot: Akothee’s Facebook Post, Giving Directives on How to Donate To Fund Akothee Foundation Ahead of Turkana Trip

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