President Ruto Explains His Weight Loss

President William Ruto has revealed why he has shed so much weight since taking office in September 2022.

President Ruto revealed on Sunday during a roundtable chat with media at State House that he was attempting to stay fit by losing weight.

“I had an original fitness routine, but it went haywire the last year and a half because we had an election.” “When you go to an election, you know, you have a lot of pressure, and sometimes you take it out on food,” he explained.

The President admitted that he overate throughout the 2022 election campaigns since he didn’t know when his next meal would be.

“You sometimes have to overeat while running for office because you never know when you will have time to eat again. Since I am the Head of State, I have a lot of duty, thus I am currently attempting to scale back, he continued.

Ruto added that Musalia Mudavadi, the prime cabinet secretary, had lost weight as a result of his nighttime labor to support the nation’s economic recovery.

“My staff and I are working day and night to get the economy back on track. Because he works through the night, you can even tell that Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has lost weight, the speaker said.

After Kenyans voiced concern about the Head of State’s weight, others wondered if he was overworked or sad. Ruto’s reply follows. Some Kenyans used social media to compare his new appearance to his previous one, while others claimed he might be experiencing health issues.


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