Abel Mutua Comments On To Collaborating Professionally With His Wife Judy

According to reliable sources, Judith Nyawira Mutua is the ideal boss and wife.
Njugush gave evidence to Judy’s lovely disposition a week ago when he said that she managed his career for a while and helped him become wealthy. Njugush recently opened up about his motivations for hiring Judy to manage him and his wife Celestine Ndinda, a.k.a. Wakavinye, during an appearance on the Iko Nini podcast.

The comic claimed that he and Cele were overburdened by their workload and turned to Judy, who is knowledgeable in the field, to recruit someone for them. Judy gave them a call after suggesting she had discovered the ideal match. When they first met, Judy told them she was the perfect match.

Njugush and Cele did not challenge. They took her on. To organize their work, they formed a corporation, made a rate card, and designed logos.

And now Abel, her husband, concurs completely.

YouTube channel for Celestine Ndinda On May 12, the two spouses have a conversation about their friendship and business skills.

“Judy comes with some sense of security,” Abel said to Celestine as she encouraged him. “It’s the greatest thing ever, manze, I swear,” he added.

Celestine concurred and stated that she had never imagined Judy would undermine her when speaking with her on a potential job offer.

Abel said that he agreed.

“Me for that’s everything, and msee mwenye anakujua vizuri anakurepresent,” the speaker says. Judy akienda meeting it’s extremely comfortable for me because she is aware of my flexibility and her abilities. “Any day wacha tucheze hapa,” he said, “because she has my best interests in mind.”


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