Colonel Mustafa and his Mother To Receive Support From Karen Nyamu Who Called Him an “Old Friend of Mine”

Mustafa, who has been in the music business for a while, recently revealed that he has filed for bankruptcy. The musician had said that he had spent his money on women and drink, leaving him in debt.

Nyamu encouraged and supported her in a public post. She also urged people to help Mustafa, who has been struggling financially ever since his savings were spent by medical expenditures. The politician added that members of her staff had met with the performer and offered assistance.

“Mustapha is an old friend of mine, and seeing him in that state shocked me too. My team visited Mustapha’s ailing mom in my absence and offered my personal support. This is an appeal to his fans who are willing to support the family in the smallest way you can na mbarikiwe.” said the nominated senator.

Social media users have complimented Nyamu for utilizing her platform to help individuals in need, and many have praised her for her public display of support for Mustafa. Nyamu also revealed that she was friends with Mustafa.

Everyone, regardless of career or rank, can have financial troubles, as Mustafa’s story serves as a reminder. People who are having financial problems can overcome their obstacles and get back on their feet, though, with the assistance of others.


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